"Everything in her is intelligence, emotion and finesse" El Pais, Montevideo


Chief Conductor of the Symphony and Chamber Orchestra Faculty of Arts, Nis, Serbia

Music Director and Conductor of Opera performances in the Nis National Theatre, Serbia

Principal Guest Conductor of the Nis Symphony Orchestra, Serbia

Full time professor at the University of Nis, Faculty of Arts, Serbia

Academia Diesis professor of Conducting, Spain

Vivamus Musica I, University of Nis, Faculty of Arts Edition CD

Doctoral degree ceremony at University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. Doctor of Arts in Orchestra and Opera Conducting, awarded by Rector prof. Dr. Zoran Eric, Composer and mentor professor emeritus Darinka Matic-Marovic, Conductor.

Unique artistic project in Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Artist Maria Dubin created "The Secret Garden" with an amazing enteriere and music written by composer Frederik Magle, recorded by conductor Milena Injac and Chamber Orchestra Concertante Faculty of Arts, University of Nis, Serbia, April 2019.